Automotive Industry

Our company has been a third tier supplier to the Automotive Industry for 20 years supplying tooling and production fixtures for the manufacture of disc brake pads, bi-metallic bearings, trim products and providing specialty tools and fixtures for truck assembly plants.

Friction Products

mold assembly
Complete manufacture and assembly of press tooling for large and small disc brake pads, including design and manufacture of fixtures for secondary operations such as grinding, inspection and coating. We also make molds for test marketing and sales promotion. L.H. Corp. has complete CAD/CAM and engineering capability for various types of disc brake tooling.

Stamping Tools and Dies

die inserts
Wear resistant stamping dies are used in the production of bimetallic engine bearings.

Trim Dies

trim die
We have made various dies for the production of rubber based door trim and seals as well as roll forming tools for profiles used in door window panel seals.